Springfield Missouri is rated by Forbes.com magazine; one of the, “best buy cities” in the United States, in 2018. Springfield Missouri rakes 8 from a list of 20 picks. 

From an article by Forbes, writer Samatha Sharf.http://bit.ly/2Hln09b.

“No matter if you’re a house hunter in search of a place to live or an investor seeking an apartment to rent out for yield, you want to make a smart purchase. To find out where you can do just that in 2018 Forbes teamed up with Local Market Monitor, which tracks more than 300 U.S. housing markets. Below you’ll find 20 markets where population, jobs and home prices are growing. A meteoric rise in home values is not guaranteed for every city on this list, but these are the markets where you are most likely to get a decent return on your investment without outsized risk. “.

8. Springfield, Mo.

Average home price: $154,557

Average home price: $168.589, (in 2019, up through July). 

3-year population growth: 2.3%

2-year job growth: 5.1%

1-year home price growth: 5%

3-year price growth forecast: 14%

Homes are undervalued by 17% compared to the historic ratio of price and local income.

Springfield Missouri has great colleges, churches, lakes, and entertainment whether town or country.