Herb Gardening can simple and fun. 

Here is a simple chart for herb planting & growing.

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There’s something gratifying about bringing homegrown fresh herbs to your table, so we’re walking you through the best growing practices and our favorite uses for a few go-to potted herbs.


When repotting herbs in containers, like we used, it’s important to provide them with a high quality, well-draining potting soil that is loose, rather than packed tightly. Each different herb will require its own watering schedule, so if you’re growing multiple at once, we find it helpful to keep a note of how often each one should be given water. Most herbs will require partial sunlight at a minimum, so whether you’re growing outdoors or indoors, a sunny spot will be best. After harvesting, always rinse fresh herbs and pat dry before adding to your favorite dishes. 

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Note: Instead of planting from seeds, we re-potted these herbs into roomier containers to help them grow larger. For tips on planting herbs from seeds in your specific zone, we suggest talking to your local nursery or garden center.

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